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The Echo Society - Training Workshop

Recognising and Responding to adults impacted by Narcissistic Abuse.

Date, Time & Location

Time TBD

London, London, UK


This workshop is designed for adults who have experienced narcissistic abuse as an opportunity to develop your knowledge and abilities into the dynamics/complexities of narcissism and narcissistic abuse this extreme form of psychological and emotional abuse. An interactive and experiential workshop consisting of group discussion and exercises, research and presentation. It also includes raising awareness of the impact of abuse within the UK, as part of The Echo Society’s Narcissistic Abuse Matters UK Campaign NAMUK, with particular focus throughout the day on the key psycho-educational approaches towards recovery. An exploration of caregiver "burn out", vicarious traumatisation, and self-care will end the session.

By attending this workshop participants will:

• Increase understanding of narcissism, narcissistic abuse, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) including DSM5 diagnostic criteria.

• Increase understanding of of the myths, stereotypes and stigma of narcissism, Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and narcissistic abuse.

• Identify and understand the different communication tactics used by controllers, abusers and manipulators with particular focus on projection, triangulation and gaslighting.

• Explore and understand emotional attachments in narcissistic relationships as a form of trauma; Repetition compulsion/traumatic bonding/Stockholm Syndrome.

• In depth discussion consideration into the nature and dynamics of narcissistic abuse and Narcissistic Victim Syndrome (NVS).

• The essentials of psychoeducation in recovery for those impacted by narcissistic abuse with particular focus on people pleasing and boundaries.

• Explore and understand the interrelation between the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Sensory - Processing Sensitivity (SPS) and adult children of narcissism.

• Identify and understand the similarities and key differences of narcissistic abuse in relation to aspects of domestic violence and other forms of abuse, including coercive control.

• Research and statistics into the extent of narcissistic abuse within in the UK with particular focus on its main perpetrators.

• Explore and understand society’s attitudes to narcissistic abuse and its impact on survivors with particular focus on an emotionally invalidating society.

• Develop knowledge and abilities in working effectively with those impacted by a narcissistic parent, partner, sibling, employer/employee, and or friend.

• Explain what we can do, as professionals and as an organisation, to support people impacted by narcissistic abuse.

• Explore and understand caregiver "burn out", vicarious traumatisation and self-care.

Who should attend?

Professionals and people working with and supporting adults impacted by narcissistic abuse, Domestic abuse practitioners, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, mental health support professionals, police, teachers, social workers, safeguarding staff/leads, health staff, GPs and housing support staff, the voluntary sector and any other practitioners.


• Some knowledge and experience in working with those impacted by narcissistic abuse.

• Some knowledge of the impact of narcissistic abuse and adult survivors.

Certificate of Attendance:

This certificate shows that you have attended the course. It is included within the workshop fee.

To receive your Certificate of Attendance, once you have finished the course. Please email requesting the Certificate.


This workshop is tailored to your organisation. For more information email

Dates & Locations: TBC:

Cost: £145 per person

Session times:

9.00am - Arrival/Registrations

9.15am to 11.00am -



11.15am to 12.30pm -



1.00pm to 3.00pm -



3.15pm to 5.00pm -


5.00pm to 5.30pm - Interactive Q and A session

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