My name is Maria a qualified and experienced integrative counsellor and Hypnotherapist based in London specialising in working in recovery from narcissistic abuse. I also work as a trainer and group facilitator within The Echo Society, a weekly peer support group for those impacted by narcissistic abuse. Having worked with many impacted by narcissistic abuse over the years; I use an integrative therapeutic approach, which enables me to create a tailor made plan for each client, as no experience of narcissistic abuse is the same.


It was while researching for an assignment about domestic abuse whilst in my training I had my “light bulb” moment and came across the term narcissistic abuse learning of my own exposure to both overt and covert narcissistic abuse from a very early age into adulthood, which was not only a revelation but also very traumatising, I had never seen myself as a victim and it left me feeling devastated as I came to the realisation I had been an abuse victim my entire life yet totally unaware of it and although it had left me feeling broken it also provided me with the insight and knowledge on what I needed to do to heal from the debilitating effects of narcissistic abuse.


I help those in recovery from the effects of this insidious type of abuse. Many victims are left feeling emotionally exhausted, confused, trying to make sense of their experiences. Many victims suffer from mental health problems or psychosomatic illnesses some find themselves feeling alienated or isolated from society or feel a profound sense of hopelessness. My personal life experience’s and learned knowledge of narcissism/narcissistic abuse provides me with the skills, insight and real understanding of the issues, challenges and aftermath of narcissistic abuse faced by those impacted.  


I provide an empathic, non-judgemental and supportive environment to help you in your recovery process; bringing a unique blend of psycho-education on narcissism/narcissistic abuse, professional experience, and insight gained from my own personal experience of narcissistic abuse. I work with both adult men and women who are battling with:


Narcissism/Narcissistic Abuse

Psychological – Emotional/Spiritual and physical abuse

Shame, grief and loss

Low Self-esteem

Anger Management

Trauma Bonding


PTSD/Complex – PTSD

Strategies and coping techniques for dealing with narcissistic abuse


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP)

EFT Practitioner


Qualifications and Training:

Advanced diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Advanced diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Working with Narcissistic Abuse, a psycho-educational approach towards recovery


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