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The Echo Society's experienced counsellors and psychotherapists are here to provide a professional and confidential counselling service for adults who have been impacted or are struggling with the traumatic effects of narcissistic abuse. If you have been or are currently in a relationship with a Narcissist, finding a counsellor or psychotherapists who is familiar and experienced in working with narcissistic abuse is vitally important, as it can be notoriously difficult for a therapist not trained in narcissism to correctly identify and work therapeutically with this relational abuse as we see all too often at The Echo Society.


Many might spend years unaware that they have been in a narcissistic relationship be it a narcissistic parent, partner, sibling, employer/employees, and or friend. The effects from narcissistic abuse often causes deep trauma and distress resulting in mental and physical health problems. Here at The Echo Society all counsellors and psychotherapists bring with them their personal experience and challenges of their own narcissistic abuse and recovery and have a deep and profound understanding of the difficulties faced by those impacted. 


Who provides online counselling and what are their qualifications?

Professional counselling is provided by counsellors/psychotherapists and clinical supervisors with a “lived experience” of narcissistic abuse/coercive control, and are qualified including additional intensive 3 month in-house training on The Echo Society's psycho-educational narcissistic abuse recovery program. All comply with the individual association standards and undergo strict recruitment and supervision procedures, to provide a first-hand perspective and ensure those accessing therapeutic support receive help from a skilled and qualified individual, who is guided by professional standards and committed to working ethically. All counsellors, psychotherapists and supervisors are individual members of their various professional bodies, fully insured and hold a current CRB/DBS Certificate (working with vulnerable adults) - for work in England & Wales.


Our Treatments Include:

• One to one Talking Therapies and Psychoeducation

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

• Person-centred counselling

• Integrative counselling

• Psychodynamic psychotherapy

• Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

• Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

• Mindfulness

I’d like online counselling. What do I do now?

Make contact with the counselling team by clicking here, who will help guide you through the counselling intake process.

Online counselling fees:​

The counselling service operates on a ‘sliding scale’ system where individual contributions are based on annual income.


Online initial assessment session £45.00.

Ongoing online counselling – depending on income and on a sliding scale £45.00 - £110 

Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment anytime, as long 48 hours notice is provided to allow sufficient time for cancelled appointments to be offered to other clients who are waiting for appointments. If you cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice, or fail to show there is a charge for the appointment.

(Updated 22/01/24) 

These are the counselling session times/availability that we offer:

Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm 

Weekday morning 9am to 12pm (Availability

Weekday afternoon 12pm to 5pm (Availability) 

Weekday evening 5pm to 8pm (Full)


Waiting List and Waiting times:

The current waiting time for online counselling is around 1 - 4 weeks for the Initial online counselling assessment session, and then a further 2 - 3 months begin regular counselling. The wait depends on the availability and flexibility of the client, as well as the availability of a suitable counsellor. Weekday evening counselling from 6pm to 8pm is our busiest period where, there may be longer waiting times for ongoing counselling. Each counselling session is 50 mins long and counselling is provided on a weekly basis, at the same allocated time with the length of time for counselling dependent on the clients' needs and the presenting issues.


We offer both time-limited (short-term) and open-ended (long-term) counselling and psychotherapy. 



Confidentiality is held between the client and the Counselling Service team. Information will not be given to anyone outside of the Service without your permission. However, we would not agree to keep confidential any information that could lead to serious harm to yourself or a third party. 



Your privacy and your personal information is important to us and the information you provide us are used from the Counselling Team only.

This site is SSL secure (Secure Sockets Layer) and uses 128-bit encryption to offer secure communications by encrypting all data to and from the site.



You will be sent a Counselling Service feedback form at the end of your counselling to ask for your feedback on how we could improve our service.​

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