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I have had various periods of counselling in the past but nothing compares to the work that I did with Diahanna and the Echo Society. I learnt skills and information that has changed how I understand myself and the relationships I have with others. It is second nature to me now to assert myself, meet my own needs before others, to not get wrapped up in my own or other people’s emotional crises and to be able to say no. I am a much healthier and happier person as a result and I never knew or thought I could achieve it. My friends, family and colleagues have also, unprompted, commented on how much calmer and happier I seem. It’s amazing and I can’t thank Diahanna enough for her support. For the first time in my life I am no longer controlled by overwhelming emotions and am making decisions that are right for me.

02 April 2019

The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery support group was for me a profound and transformative experience. I have met wonderful, supportive people and learned that what I went through wasn't as unique nor as debilitating experience as I had thought. It was tough to talk about my trauma, but I finished the group as a much stronger and more boundaried person. I was able to spot patterns in my life that had escaped me before, even after months of very intense therapy and many books read on this subject. I'm really grateful and I hope more people suffering from this terrible form of abuse will find their way to Echo Society. I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for your advice, support and boundless compassion. 

10 September 2018

I attended the course via a recommendation from a friend. I was very nervous about going but was extremely glad I did. The Echo Society is an amazing place to go for support if you are a victim of narcissistic abuse. I learned so much from the course. The various traits of narcissistic personality disorder NPD and how to deal with it but it was so much more. The support you get from Maria and Jon was invaluable. And the bond you make with the rest of the course members is amazing. We were all there for the same reasons and those reasons bonded us all together. I am sad the course has come to an end but I hope to meet up with all my "new" friends on a regular basis. I do feel I have gone from a victim of narcissistic abuse to a survivor. Many Thanks Echo Society You really do get it.

27 August 2018

I cannot thank Arlo, Maria and the Echo Society enough for their help and support. I have just completed a 10 week support group with Arlo in London and it gave me further understanding and knowledge of what NPD is about and how to protect myself from further abuse. The education really helped me to understand the 'red flags', trauma bonding, (HSP) highly sensitive people and importance of self-care among many other topics and how to move forward with my life. Since the cruel discard of me for another woman from my husband, I have found out about NPD and have started the painful journey of understanding more about the topic, self-discovery and healing. I have also had (and continue to have) one-one therapeutic counselling from Maria which has been invaluable and has given me the support needed to 'see the light' and move forward on my journey through the ups and downs. I would highly recommended the Echo Society for anybody who has suffered from a narcissistic abusive partner, parent, friend, boss, sibling etc. I can see a light at the end of my tunnel that I don't think I would see if I hadn't had the help and support from the Echo society. There have been painful times and to know I have Maria to speak to on a weekly basis has really helped me to work through those times. If you believe you have suffered under the manipulation and control of a narcissist in your life, please don't hesitate to get the help you need. I really believe I couldn't have got through (and continue to get through) this horrific part of my life without their help and support.

29 April 2018

A safe and supported haven for anyone looking to learn more and find strength along their journey to recovery. Whatever stage you are at, you can relate and feel validated by the courageous people who are also on the same path of change. I will never forget my experience and will draw on the wisdom that has already helped to kick start changes in my life. Thank you to The Echo Society.

29 April 2018

When I think about the group sessions I feel completely inspired and empowered, we laughed, cried and left more informed each and every week. Maria was our rock and is an amazing ambassador for Echo and everything that Arlo has created. Thank you so much for educating me even more than I could have expected about Narcissism, HSP and the importance of self love.

24 April 2018

I have been looking for something that can help heal from narcissistic abuse for a while in the UK and found The Echo Society. It felt good to share experiences and meet other people who have been through narcissistic abuse and be around people who get it without feeling misunderstood. I would highly recommend The Echo Society to others to help themselves out of the fog of narcissistic abuse.

24 April 2018

The ten week support course was a "godsend" (not religious - but a good description) - and I know has helped me keep on the sane side while going through an absolutely awful divorce/financial settlement with my narcissistic husband (soon to be ex) - I finally feel validated and for the first time have the tools to gain control of my life - this is not to say that I am not fearful of the future - I am still somewhat - but now there is an underlying belief that I am on the right road for me and that I now have the tools to make my journey a success and to help me avoid pit holes and as importantly - tools to help me out of those dips if and when I fall in them. - I have also met some amazing people on this journey and it allowed me to not be scared of my compassion - thank you.

19 April 2018

I have found the educational workshop enlightening and transformational. I had no idea that abusers may actually do this on purpose and learning about Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and Narcissistic Abuse has really helped me to feel stronger being in my own peace and not letting them steal it. I view the world very differently now and feel a lot stronger being me.

16 April 2018

After a lifetime of not feeling quite right and harbouring a range of negative emotions about the dysfunctional family in which I grew up, I finally came across the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and things started to fall into place. At first it was a relief to have a label for something I'd previously not been able to explain and then the resentment and anger kicked in, alongside the uncertainty that maybe I'd got it wrong - something I now know to be one of the side effects of the abuse I'd suffered at the hands of my father. I came across The Echo Society whilst researching NPD and after a thorough assessment by the team I was given the reassurance that it wasn't all in my head and that I was, in fact, a victim of narcissistic abuse. I've always seen myself as a strong person having pulled myself through some really tough times, so coming to terms with the fact that I was a victim of emotional and psychological abuse as both a child AND an adult, was a difficult thing for me to accept. The Echo Society referred me for one to one sessions with one of their specially trained counsellors who I've been seeing her for a few months now and it's helped immeasurably to just be able to speak to someone who gets it. Narcissistic abuse isn't something you can understand unless you've been through it. What sets The Echo Society apart from the usual counselling services is that everyone on the team has first hand experience of dealing with someone with NPD  - they know how you feel because they've been there and that's invaluable when it comes to having your experiences and feelings validated. Reversing a lifetime of damage doesn't happen overnight but I'm already feeling stronger in terms of setting and enforcing boundaries I never had before, including maintaining no contact with my narcissistic parent regardless of the many manipulative tactics they continue to use to try and elicit some kind of response. I'd highly recommend for anyone who's suffered at the hands of a narcissist to get in touch with The Echo Society for support - you don't have to go it alone.

23 Dec 2017

I have found attending the weekly support groups an extremely empowering part of my healing process. I loved the way it educated me about the dynamics playing out and the psychological aspects but also empowered me through self reflection of my own patterns, showing me where I hand my power away without getting stuck in victimhood whilst still acknowledging the horrors and trauma's of narcissistic abuse. I have made some great new friends who all understand the complex system of abuse we have all shared.. whether it be through a lover, partner, parent, child, friend.... it has been such an amazing journey and if you need help, support, information or just to be around people who get it.. then I wholeheartedly recommend this support group. I am eternally grateful to the Echo Society.

31 Dec 2017

If you have suffered from Narcissistic abuse I would recommend you come to the support group. Many of us have literally started reading everything they can on the subject before arriving so you don't have to see it just as a learning group. The main benefits it gave to me are: - Meeting other people who have been through the same things as me and getting validation from other people that just get it - Talking about your story around people that don't judge and give empathy - Having 'ahaaaa' moments when someone shares an insight or memory with the group that makes you think wow I hadn't even realised that or that I do that - Finding people that have been through something similar to you and who are now therapists or a lot better to get inspiration. There are often therapists that attend the groups for their own continual development and these people have been through this themselves. These people make you realise that you can recover - making new friends. If like me you had ended up isolated or really surrounded by people that aren't good for you when you finally realised what is going on then this is a great start to making really healthy new friendships. Our group is staying in touch via our WhatsApp group and still arranging to be able to carry on seeing each other - gives you something to look forward to. If you're in that abyss - and most of you are - then knowing that every week you have this to look forward to really helps get you through - As a starter to therapy. Now that it's coming to an end it's clear that one on one therapy is what I'll do to release the trauma, but this has been an amazing thing to do beforehand (or alongside).

22 Dec 2017

It was with some trepidation that I began counselling again, having had various negative experiences throughout my childhood as a result of my Narcissistic Mother bundling me off see another counsellor labelling me as a problem child and the cause of all unhappiness within the family. I was worrying unnecessarily, the support and understanding that I received with my counsellor Diahanna through my 6 months of counselling at the Echo Society were second to none, I was not once made to feel silly, a burden and that my thoughts were unreasonable. For the first time in 30 years I was working with someone who helped me to find confidence in my voice after always being taught by the family that should have loved me unconditionally that my thoughts and feelings didn't matter. Whilst I don't think anyone will ever 'get over' the horrific and invisible abuse that is experienced when you have a Narcissistic Parent. I have laid some good groundwork by working weekly with my counsellor into finding out who it is I want to be and where I want to go in life from here. I think it is vital that someone recovering from Narcissistic Abuse is supported by somebody who truly understand the disorder and the trauma those who have experienced it will have gone though. I will be forever grateful to the Echo Society for the support they have provided me and continue to provide for others like me, wherever they are in their 'recovery'.

11 Oct 2017

For those who have suffered the mind-numbing experience of narcissistic abuse - this organisation is one of the few definitive resources to give us the validation and basis of fundamentals to improve our recoveries. They also provide other avenues for further support. I was lucky to receive their help. 

05 July 2017

I can't thank The Echo Society enough. For the first time in my life I don't feel alone in what I have experienced. Meeting others who 'get it' have stopped me blaming myself and helped me to acknowledge that I grew up in an abusive situation. I've spent 36 years secretly believing it was all my fault and perhaps I was crazy! This organisation has helped me to move on with taking care of myself. Thank you.

26 April 2017

I have just completed a series of workshop/support sessions with The Echo Society and cannot recommend them highly enough! It was with an enormous sense of both fear and excitement that I attended the very first session - I had no idea what to expect. I have since found out that everyone felt the same but I needn't have worried at all: quite quickly we all bonded over a shared understanding of what it is like to have suffered narcissistic abuse. There is much online to help anyone recover (and we had all looked and read and tried to make sense of it all) but being able to discuss the subject with people who really do 'get it' and to hear their perceptions was enlightening and at times the relief of being able to talk about it was a little overwhelming! The Facilitators led the sessions with a great deal of care and compassion for each and every one of us who are all at varying stages of our relationships with narcissistic parents, I am in awe of what they have achieved with The Echo Society.  I have made some new friends (very quickly) which is a bonus too! A sharing and understanding of painful histories was what brought us together and has bonded us and I'm really looking forward to getting to know everyone more as we move on as an independent support group. 

27 Mar 2017

Narcissistic abuse can be isolating on many levels. When I finally found the courage to leave my marriage very few people understood my decision. The support group sessions gave huge relief as I found myself for the first time amongst people who truly understood.  Although our stories were quite different, the impact of narcissistic abuse on all of us was frighteningly similar. The group facilitators, are kind, warm people who generously share their time and experiences.  Their guidance has been invaluable.  I have learnt so much from this group of compassionate and understanding people and have finally felt the much needed support to help me move on with my life.

30 Jul 2016

I came very warily to this group because of my experiences. I did not know who was trustworthy. I didn’t even trust myself to make decisions that were in my best interests. Putting it simply, I did not feel safe at all. I also knew that I was experiencing something all together disproportionate in respect of a relationship break-up.  As mental health practitioner, I have direct experience of working with people who have a cluster B Personality Disorder, but this didn’t help me. I’d done a lot of reading and you-tubing and, although this was useful, it somehow left me feeling more isolated and dissociated. Coming to the support group allowed me to tell my story to hear others’ experiences face to face. We haven’t always agreed on the why’s and wherefore’s but, in talking openly and honestly with everyone a healing process has been initiated for me. In speaking up, I began to find my voice, my sense of humanity and acknowledge that there is strength in vulnerability. This is a truth I have always known but, back in May, my grasp on this fact had been severely compromised as a consequence of experiencing abuse within a relationship. Crucially, the Facilitators ensured that safety was at the heart of everything we discussed and worked on. They both bring a wealth of expertise, that is thoughtfully shared, but, for me, it’s how they work that is key. They show kindness, empathy and a balanced outlook and, to both of them, I wish to express my gratitude. As I do to everyone who shared the group intake with me. This project is an utterly unique and invaluable resource.

11 Jul 2016

"Therapy did not work for me. I felt pain daily - emotional pain - and the bruises were molecular. For me identifying the cause - finding a name was the beginning. It was narcissistic parenting with a malignant narcissist as a father. Centuries of abuse rendered them so and the cycle had to stop. Then it was getting specific help for that trauma. At first I thought it was PTSD..... but through researching I dug some more on the matter and google found me.... The Echo Society with a narcissistic abuse recovery support group, the only one I know of that type exists: This has been the breakthrough for me and finally I feel the joy in my heart that it was created to feel. A bunch of people - all ages and walks of life; passionate people all looking for the same things: Understanding, connection, similar experiences, explanations and to thaw their frozen souls.  The support group has breathed life into the grey shadow that once was me and now I can say I am finally here.  Thank you The Echo Society you are my miracle you really are"  

20 May 2016

"This organisation has been an important journey of growth and understanding. It felt positive to be a part of something that helped to clarify questions that only others who have experienced narcissistic abuse could really understand. Its facilitators are lovely and are offering such a valuable life line for so many people. Thank you so much for listening"   

17 May 2016

I'm an ex-attendee of The Echo Society and I found it so life changing and in a very real way life-saving. I am on a beautiful path now and feel like I am really getting my life back. Things are never easy, but thanks to the emotional support and educational guidance from the support group sessions "I get it". I now keep in touch with my intake group even after our sessions finished and this too has really made such a massive difference. I am glad to see there is now an ongoing Manchester peer social support group with The Echo Society and now helping out in my area. I have the energy and enthusiasm now to help other people who are at the beginning of their journey and are only just realising the damage Narcissistic abuse can do.  I am now giving back and help others find their way through the challenges and hurt of Narcissistic abuse and help them reclaim their lives from their narcissist’s Thank you The Echo Society

01 Mar 2016

I found The Echo Society when I was in the height of my trauma in my marriage. It was a life saver, being able to share and bond with people with similar experiences was so healing. The educational learning and understanding from the group has also been amazing, everyone was so supportive. I can't imagine how I would have survived one of the worst experiences in my life without it and thank Arlo the founder personally for stepping out and providing this support to people who really need this help. The only way I can describe it is a life saver 

14 Feb 2016

Thank you all for your help and insights. And thank you for everyone in my support group for their support. I’ve reached a point where I have a much better understanding now of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) itself and how it effects on my mother.  It is great to know that I'm not alone and I'll be more able to recognise if someone is in similar shoes in the future and offer my help. I wish you all the very best!

05 Dec 2015

"Attending an Echo Society support group totally exceeded my expectations. I could not recommend it more. At the time I started attending, I was feeling particularly isolated and insecure. Thanks to the group I soon realised I was not alone, I noticed that our predicaments were very similar and that narcissistic personalities are also very alike. The general atmosphere of the group is warm, kind, respectful and peaceful. One feels a part of it quite quickly because of sharing similar experiences, but also because there is a clear desire to find ways to recover and move on. Arlo's gentle, open and sensitive way of dealing with the group is great. For me this has been a life changing experience" 

13 Nov 2015

A massive thank you to the facilitators of my support group - Arlo and Brian, for caring and being motivated enough, to guide other adult children of narcissistic parents to brighter, happier, enlightened and supported lives. Your selfless hard work and commitment is inspirational; and converts brilliantly to give the lost amongst us, inspiration to be the people we can be. Not to mention the fact, of course; that you're both diamond geezers, with hearts of gold; and let's not forget: lots of fun as well. I've met an absolutely brilliant group of people; whom I don't doubt will become lifelong friends...  We support each other, day to day, to make our struggles, much less insurmountable; and have already met up; as a group; and one-to-one, several times, since the group finished a couple of months ago; with more dates in the diary.  The support group has put me on the right track to a future that can at last, fulfil my potential and finally put a smile in my heart 

26 Jul 2015

This group is a must for anyone whose life has been affected by narcissistic abuse. The sessions are educational and informative, and most importantly, you will be surrounded by people who have shared similar experiences and can validate and empathise with your situation 

20 Jul 2015

I came to a support group confused and in despair. I'm so grateful to the facilitators for their generosity, giving their time in helping people like me. The group helped me get a perspective on what happened to me and I understood that it wasn't my fault, I wasn't crazy and I didn't deserve any of it! The knowledge and self believe I gained from the group stopped me from going back to the madness for good. I've met wonderful and kind people and have made friends for life. I feel so fortunate to have found and attended a support group, just at the time when I needed help most 

19 Jul 2015

This organisation will be a friendly place of safety to come to terms with the implications of narcissistic abuse. It helped me to feel heard, accepted and understood when I was in a confusing part of my life, couldn't recommend it more! 

15 Jul 2015

"Taking part in one of the The Echo Society's support groups has been so beneficial for me on my road to understanding where i am going wrong with my relationships. After more than a year in therapy and several codependency workshops, this group for disorder-specific and like-minded sufferers has enabled me to finally find myself. I now have some tools to move forward with my life. The 12 weeks past all too quickly but i would like to thank Arlo for his time, help and passion in reaching out to those unwittingly trapped in a world they have been moulded to endure and to thank Brian for his time and compassion. For me, despite the numerous books and online resources for NPD and abuse, one cannot truly heal or understand without sharing one’s experiences with others with similar ordeals and in such a supportive atmosphere as this group has been. I had a few pennies drop thanks to discussing a couple of situations with the facilitators.  The WhatsApp groups for each group intake is also great for participants to stay in touch and learn more from each other as well as to feel there is continued support.  I applaud the concept of this group and hope it goes from strength to strength, reaching out to as many lost and confused souls as it can. I wish the group much luck and may the passion to help others remain steadfast"

22 May 2015

It has been a great experience and I have learned a lot. Thank you very much for your support and your help

01 Mar 2015

Arlo, thank you for the experience of being in a support group. I feel very fortunate to have got a place for this intake as I did just before Christmas. The positive effect it's had on my situation can't really be over-estimated. In this week of the last group meeting - I have good reason to believe that the balance of power regarding the narcissistic abuse in my family is tipping in favour of me being able to defend myself effectively. Your advice in suggesting of ringing the 'men's advice line' and the conversation I had at the DV workshop were very important in the progress I was able to make. Being in the support group dramatically increased my confidence in speaking about the abuse and the experience of being in a therapeutic group of peers has been especially useful and I can honestly say I don't think I've been to a support group where I feel more gratitude for the way it's been run. Anyhow, I hope it will be possible for me to maintain contact with your developing group and perhaps the talked of additional 'support group' will be able to come about. Thanks a lot!   

26 Feb 2015

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for supporting me. I'm just glad I was able to talk within such a supportive environment!

13 Feb 2015

A big thank you to Arlo for organising the sessions (keep up the great work) and for giving us a platform to voice our feelings. Not being judged for who we are not, sharing thoughts with people who have been through similar abuse and who understand and empathise with what you are going through, and knowing you are not alone, is a great turning point. Listening to everyone has been an eye opener and a great learning experience. My journey has been a long and painful one and I still have a long way to go. Despite everything, I have managed to put things in perspective, find peace within myself, focus on my strengths (we all have a wealth of resources within us if only we take time to tap into them), retain my identity, remain positive and, above all, appreciate the little things in life. I would like to thank the group for sharing and caring and I look forward to meeting up again. Wishing you Serenity to accept the things you cannot change, Courage to change the things and Wisdom to know the difference. We may not be able to change the situation but we can change ourselves and our outlook on life. Serenity is not freedom from the storm but peace amid the storm. All best wishes

13 Feb 2015

“The Echo Society has been nothing short of amazing. When I first came to a support group I was terrified of being ridiculed and dubious as to whether anyone would truly understand what I was going through. Turns out the opposite happened, I met a group of the most wonderful compassionate people, and Arlo was a great mentor who taught me how to deal with my emotions in such a way that I'm able to begin the journey to finding peace with myself and my difficult situation. Those 6 weeks in the group have without a doubt changed my life, I've got more confidence and self-esteem, and even though I still doubt myself all the time and get angry, I'm adopting different strategies to deal with it. Overall, the group helped me gain a sense of acceptance of my experience and I've stopped searching for answers, and am dedicating myself to developing and nurturing myself. Thank you so much for giving me this new found strength to the facilitators + the rest of the group”

05 Jan 2015

Without coming to this wonderfully warm, caring and informative group, with such a knowledgeable and attentive facilitator, I would never really come to terms with the seriousness of my situation. The insidious nature of narcissism leaves one feeling trapped and isolated with low self-esteem and full of self-doubt. It hasn't been an easy journey, but without this valuable and caring group I would still be trapped and immobile. Being able to hear and share with those experiencing similar abuse was the turning point for me to show me that I wasn't alone. Thank you Arlo for your perseverance and determination to set up these support sessions. Your experience and insight is benefiting so many people

13 Nov 2014

Excellent. It is a great space to share ideas and experiences and would ideally suit someone who is learning to understand and cope with narcissistic abuse. Just speaking to a group of people and not being undermined is something that a lot of people will be grateful for. Arlo is fully committed and running this in his own time. For me, it’s great that there are people like this without any agenda doing things for the general good. Our group was a little unstructured and future groups will benefit from a more structured approach. Emotions inevitably dominate and tears are not uncommon. The sadness / realisation that the person that you thought is your leading light (sadly often a parent), your purpose for living is really not, is overwhelming... especially if you have become isolated, dependent on that person... however, it is an essential journey and make sure you attend. These things have to be dealt with 

12 Nov 2014

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