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"We Get It!"Campaign 2016 - 2017

​What is



Are you currently struggling alone with the impact of narcissistic abuse?​ 

Do you sometimes feel socially isolated and need the opportunity to connect with others around the UK? ​

Would you like to get involved in a supportive peer social and well-being group where you can be around those who..

“Get it”?

Then an Echo Society peer and social group may be just what you need!

What is the #WeGetItCampaign?

The Echo Society's #WeGetItCampaign is an ongoing series of peer/social support groups as part of the The Echo Society's #WeGetItCampaign in conjunction with Meetup set up in 2016 in reaching out to provide much needed UK support to those impacted by Narcissistic Abuse. Current support options around UK for those impacted by narcissistic abuse are minimal and it’s important for us to connect in finding help, advice and much needed support.

This #WeGetItCampaign offers that opportunity in helping us socialise, develop friendships within our community, share our experiences and coping strategies with the aim of reducing isolation and where possible, maintaining good mental health and well being. Whilst our peer/social support groups are peer led they also often act as a gateway to other services within The Echo Society and although peer/social support groups give much needed reassurance, understanding, guidance and emotional support they are not appropriate if your situation is an emergency or a crisis situation where you need immediate help. 

The Echo Society social group (Birmingham)

The Echo Society social group (Brighton)

The Echo Society social group (Manchester)

The Echo Society social group (London)

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Peer/Social group - Waiting list payment - £4.00

Bookings for this event has now closed


Contact our Peer/Social Support team

If you have any queries about our UK Peer Support & Social Groups. Please contact our Peer/Social Support coordinator by clicking here

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